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RELEASE past traumas

OPEN to Healing and Purpose

      TOUCH the Ecstatic

Learn how to EXPAND your consciousness using transformational erotic ecstasy and deep intimate presence as your vehicle!

Tantric-Erotic discovery can happen in any number of ways!  Erotic Tantra has the full capacity to be spiritual, soulful, Vanilla, Chocolate, down and dirty, high and holy, sacred, scary and down-right FUN!  It can be any of these...or all of these at the same time!  There is no orthodox way for two lovers to "do" Erotic Tantra.  What matters is that whatever we do...high and holy and/or down-right kinky (they're actually one in the same)...we do it for the sake of opening the pathways to higher awareness of who we are, and why we're here.  Whatever we do, we do it to bless ourselves, our loved ones, and this world with our pleasure and PLAY. 

Here are some possibilities for what kind of session YOU might like to enjoy!

to book 1-on-1 with Brad!

to learn how 2 + 1 fun with TWO dynamic professionals can reconnect your erotic energy circuits

to book a tantric sex COUPLES Coaching session for you and your lover!

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I'm a pleasure activist.  That means texting is the worst way to reach me.  Try voicemail.
All sessions are booked over the phone:  828-424-6733.    A 15-minute phone conversation will help us get in touch with what TURNS YOU ON and what seeds you're ready to plant for a vibrant, thriving, life.  
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 10 Questions to Activate Sexually Ecstatic Pleasure and Erotic FUN