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Sex as Prayer
a ritual of transformation via pleasure
for MEN
with Brad Amberheart

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hamilton, Ontario

Sex as Prayer
How to Bridge Heaven and Earth with Embodied Sexual Pleasure
an embodied video commentary
by Brad Amberheart

about Sex as Prayer

Sex as Prayer is a ritual of healing which integrates North American indigenous earth-based teachings with Tantra and sacred sexuality.  All in attendance are welcome to participate at exactly the level which feels right to them.  Participants will be given the option of self-pleasuring, meditating, singing, dancing, drumming, or--if they wish--engaging in mutually fulfilling forms of whole-body erotic pleasure and fun with each other.  The key lies not so much in what we do, but how we do it.  Virtually anything is possible here, within the context of consciously loving, blessing, and honoring all beings through everything that we share here together, today.  

 Please read the detailed description of the Sex as Prayer ritual below, and begin formulating your intention for magic and healing in this powerful and potent ritual of pleasure.  Once you've read the entire description and decided to attend, please click on the link at the bottom of the page to join the Men's Tantra Circle in Hamilton, Ontario and pre-pay the registration fee of $45 (Canadian) to reserve your space.

YOU are invited

and fully embrace your sensual-erotic desires as FUEL
for health, vitality, and the blessing of EACH OTHER and this world

in a circle of MEN
making love
and bringing our PRAYERS to LIFE
for the benefit of ourselves, our loved ones, and this Earth
Amen, and Bless-It-Be.

This an embodied ritual of healing and renewal
not a "workshop," but a ceremony devoted to the healing and renewal of ourselves, our communities, and our world.

You're invited to let go into a place of safety, nurturance, and comfort in the presence of other men.  Erotic Ceremonial Leader and Pleasure Activist Brad Amberheart will guide us in generating ecstatic pleasure through self-pleasuring, body-body contact, voice, sound, and spoken word.   Brad will be guiding us in how to PLAY with several Tantric principles, including the principle of multiple realities, the marriage or opposites, the balance of structure and spontaneity, and--first and foremost--the healing power of pleasure.   We'll be summoning the energy of PLEASURE and directing that energy for the health and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, and this world.   

You can participate on any level you like--from simply singing or meditating, to pleasuring your own cock, to enjoying body-to-body FUN with other men.

We'll be gathered in a circle.  The periphery of the circle will be for those who wish to sing, meditate, self-pleasure, or share pleasure with a specific partner or partners.  The CENTER of the circle will be for group erotic connection in the name of health, vitality, and blessings for each other, our loved ones, our communities, and our world.

There will likely be a lot of powerful, creative, fun, and cock-throbbing-exciting  energy raised in this group.  This energy is available to clear our our obstructions, open us to our higher states of purpose and vision, and even to send healing into our bodies, our lives, and world.  In preparation for this authentic and powerful healing magic we're doing, please thoughtfully consider the following questions:

What are you ready to create in your life? 

What aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are ready for an infusion of life-giving pleasure?

What is transitioning in your life right now?  Can you begin to see the power and magnificence in what's happening, even when it might at first seem like an obstacle? 

When you're over-flowing with pleasure, to WHOM or to what place in the world would you like to send this extra dose of vitality and love?  

In addition to considerations for our own health and the health and well-being of those we love, it can be extremely powerful to experiment with holding places and situations--such as large populations of people on earth who may be hungry or may even be in search of clean water to drink--in our consciousness while we self-pleasure or make love.  You yourself may find that holding love and consciousness for things beyond the self, while in a state of whole-body, whole-hearted pleasure, actually has the effect of amplifying the pleasure we feel, while increasing the energy available to us to send out into the world.  See what happens when you play with this during your pleasure sessions at home and elsewhere :-)

Wherever you may go this day, or before and after, be sure to follow the deep, clear, resounding "YES!" that comes from the very core of your heart.  This is all that is required.


Brad Amberheart has guided thousands of men in how to generate and move ecstatic erotic pleasure for prolonged periods in their own bodies!  Today, it no longer matters how hard you get, how hard you are, how big your dick is, whether you stay hard, or whether you get hard at all!  You're going to be welcomed to sink into a place of softness and nurturance for yourself, where there's so much ecstatic pleasure available to us that you're probably going to be really surprised!

on Sunday, Apr. 15, 2-5:30 PM.

The link will direct you to the Hamilton Men's Tantra Circle page on, where you'll be invited to join the group.  Once you've joined the Men's Tantra Circle, click on the "Sex as Prayer" event to register and pay the registration fee of $45.  The organizer of the event will then send you a confirmation of your registration with address and other instructions.

Brad also has approximately 3 spaces for personalized 1-on-1 and couples' sessions in Toronto on Saturday, April 14 and possibly Sunday and Monday mornings, April 15 and 16.  See for rates and other details.  Only a few session spaces are open, so it's essential to call by March 31 if you want to reserve a session for yourself and/or your play buddy :-)