Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

Is this like life coaching?

Yes, but I think it might be even more fun because we're going to be learning how you can enjoy your own whole-body arousal as a tool that can help bring about mental clarity, physical health, and soul-full inspiration :-)  We're going to be working with self-pleasure, movement, arousal, intention, breath, and guided visualization.  I love doing this and I can honestly say that some of the most powerful, extraordinary experiences I've had working with men over the past 15 years have been over distance, not just in person.  

What are some experiences and benefits I might receive from a live Web cam session?

We as men are generally so sexually-wired that when we actually have a chance to consciously sit with our sexual excitement for awhile, without immediately acting on it, we actually start to become aware of ourselves in a new way.  Here are just a few examples of what I've witnessed during face-to-face naked play with men via Web cam all over the world:

  • A deep calming of the central nervous system
  • Alleviation of stress and an opening to deep relaxation
  • Many men re-gain a sense of connection with a place in themselves which feels like home--safe.
  • Sex Magic tools for creating your life from the inside-out!
  • Natural high-states of awareness 
  • Heightened arousal; freedom from the busy mind
  • Mind-blowing freedom of expression 
  • Whole-body orgasmic fun
  • Reconnection with greater ease in decision-making
  • New tools for raising your erotic energy levels and reaching higher states of awareness with yourself and your sex partners!
  • Dynamic buttplay ecstasy (how to use butt plugs and toys to drive yourself into heightened states of euphoric fuck-bliss).

I'm Ready!  How soon can I book a session with you and how do I do it?

To book, email me at with 3 suggested times you could meet via video interface in a place where you have complete privacy.  I'll then send you a payment link, followed by instructions on how to prepare to make the most of your session, as well as a special link to our private video conferencing room where we'll be meeting!  (I use a service called Zoom, which is free and easy for you to download if you don' have it already.)  All you'll need to do is click on the link and follow on-screen instructions . So...pick 3 reliable times you want to meet up, email me, and I'll get back to you with my availability!

How much does it cost?

1 hour.  $125 US*

Fall/Winter Special:  
Buy a bundle of three 1-hour sessions for $300 US.

Like what you're getting?
I offer even more economical bundle deals for guys who want to do a series of 4 or more sessions.

*If you live in a country or circumstance which renders my rates out-of-range, ask me about a cost-of-living adjustment.

How do we bridge the distance?

First of all, it's pretty likely that you might really like to meet up with me in Hawai'i, Mexico, Europe, or at home in the most ancient mountains on Earth, the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where I live. For my most up-to-date travel schedule, with links to thorough info about each location and the opportunities which abound for us to meet up there, face-to-face and body-to-body just visit my home page by clicking here.

Is meeting up via Web cam really worth my time & money?


I've done sessions with guys in Abu Dhabi when I was in Hawaii, and they were FUN! I'm going to be using the tools of guided self-pleasure, arousal, visualization, conscious breath, noise-making, my voice, my guitar, and my BODY!   Start tuning in and getting turned-on to the healing power of sexual ecstasy!

How EROTIC can you really get over distance?

Many of us would agree that some of the best orgasms we ever had were ones we gave ourselves.  Some of us are even starting to realize the POWER and POTENCY of our OWN SEXUAL PLEASURE to heal our body, clear our mind, and literally CREATE our lives, as the force of creation that it is.  I coach men in how to enjoy their DICK more and use it as a tool for healing and transformation, and that all starts with YOU, not with me.  MmmmmHmmmm...

Don't speak English?
Не говорите по-английси?
¿No hablas Ingles?

NO PROBLEM!  Не беспокойся!  ¡Todo esta bien!
I speak Russian as a 2nd language (fluently) and Spanish as a 3rd (proficiently)
Я говорю свободно по-русски
Yo hablo español mas o menos, con alegría.

Of course, we all know the language of love is what really matters, so if you speak only Arabic or Italian and are reading this via Google Translate, then just know that we can do a whole session with our whole bodies and whole hearts.  See you there!  :-)