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a simple guide to anal hygiene, health, & pleasure 

by Brad Amberheart

Fears about cleanliness alone have stopped most men from accessing our base-chakra empowerment, so here's a very simple remedy: Wash first! 

If you're a man who is just starting to think that he might like to experiment with opening his base-chakra pleasure center (ie. ass), you don’t really have to go to elaborate measures to clean yourself.  Just take your favorite lube with you into the shower and give your own butt some love!  Once you begin to familiarize yourself with this part of your body which has remained "wilderness" up until now, you'll start to learn more and more about what works best for you and your partners in terms of hygiene and--ultimately--your mutual pleasure!

In this short (and hopefully fun) intro, you'll find basic suggestions for easy hygiene that anyone can do without any special equipment or apparatus.  As you explore your frontiers, you'll also appreciate some simple pointers we've compiled here from first-hand experience shared by ass-play assficionados.  Finally, we'll also include some helpful links to places you can order supplies and helpful tools...a list which will continue to grow, so you may want to bookmark this page and check back periodically.

Simple cleanliness is as easy as 1-2-3

Immense anal pleasure does not require deep cleaning.  Digital stimulation (with the middle finger) is a really fun place to start, and requires only basic cleaning and preparation.    Here are some simple steps to follow for delightful ass-play fun.  Be sure to read the next section also, which will help you as you continue to explore:

1:  Find a good lube to take into the shower with you.  The best lube in the world is wild-crafted in small batches in Cherokee, NC and I now have plenty in stock.  (Look for link to appear here to buy online, or contact me directly.)  A great alternative is coconut oil or a mixture of fine oils such as coconut-jojoba-melted shea butter.  Silicone-based lubes such as Wet Platinum (available at larger drugstores) can also can feel great around/in the butthole in small quantities.  Most mainstream-brand soaps have a tendency to irritate the rectal lining, but if you have one that’s smooth and non-irritating--such as wonderful shea-butter based soaps made by Alaffia, which can be found at health food stores and local co-ops--even soap can be used for basic butt-cleaning pleasure in the shower.

2:  Have fun in the shower!  Get well-lathered and enjoy getting excited!  While you’re at it, massage your asshole with your favorite, gentle, wonderful lube or gentle, nourishing soap (see #1).  Inserting one finger into your butt with a gentle lube and some subtle, slow, in-and-out movements is really all of the cleaning that is necessary to prepare you for basic butt play with fingers and small toys.  However, if you’re thinking you might want to enjoy larger toys, boyfriends, or your girlfriend’s strap-on, you’ll want to read “Going Deeper,” below.

3:  Enjoy yourself often!


a few suggestions for an even-cleaner base-chakra experience

1.  Releasing Fears and Loving Our Own Bodies, from the Core (an exercise)

Note:  a guided audio is coming soon and will be posted right here!

Our asshole—the base of our being—houses some of our most basic fears.  We literally “hold on for dear life”, clinching until we actually cut ourselves off from our own creativity and vibrant, life-rooting existence. The term “tight ass” did not come about purely by accident.  We live in a world filled with fear and anxiety, where many of us fear for our jobs, our security, or even our lives.  What can we do?

For starters, we can start giving our 1st chakra some of the attention its been missing.   At the core of the matter lies our feeling of not being safe in the world.  Feeling safe in the world could very well begin with feeling safe in our body—safe enough to get naked and touch our own bodies, from base to crown.

Find a place where you can feel safe.  For many of us, this is actually harder than we realize, and it might actually entail making some major changes in the way we live.  Do you have a place where you can go and close the door and get naked and love your body?  Do you even have a place where you can go and make as much noise as you want to?  The noise issue can be resolved by wearing a gag in your mouth, but the safety issue…well…it’s of key importance.  If you don’t have a place where you can go to feel safe enough to free your body of its clothes and to love and honor your own body, then now is the time to hold in your heart the vision of feeling safe enough to express yourself in your own body.  

Begin regularly repeating to yourself, out loud if possible:  I feel completely safe and excited when I express myself in my own wonderful body.  Once you’ve done this, watch carefully, and you’ll start to notice how more and more places of safety will appear in your life.  If your home does not have a safe place, and you’re ready for a safe place to express yourself in your own body, then your home might change!  If the necessary changes in your home don’t seem to be happening fast enough, then it would probably be good to exercise patience, and keep repeating the mantra:  I feel completely safe and excited when I express myself in my own wonderful body.  While you’re at it, look for other places—friends’ homes, sanctioned play spaces, or even your favorite safe and warm place in nature (

OK!  So now that the basic base-chakra issue—our safety—has been taken care-of, we can proceed with good assplay fun!

2.  Suggestions from Advanced Ass-Play Assficionados for Having More FUN...

...from the Bottom Up!

We gathered together some advanced assficionados in Assville, NC, USA and asked them what they suggested for people who may just be starting to explore this terrain.  We discovered that all of us--regardless of our level of experience--are still learning.  Here are some helpful pointers we gleaned in just one evening of conversation:

*PSYLLIUM HUSK is a dietary supplement which you can buy in the form of a ground powder at your health foods store.   Typically, a tablespoon or so is mixed with water or juice once a day.  It keeps your digestive track clear (ie. when you have a bowel movement, fiber helps gives your stool a consistency which leaves no residue in your lower intestines.)

*COCONUT OIL 2 Hours Before Deeper Butt Play.  An advanced assficionado who loves to be penetrated by his girlfriend with a big strap-on told us that he's found COCONUT OIL to be very helpful--not just during anal penetration, but 2 hours before.  He says that using your own saliva when you're applying the coconut oil to your insides is also helpful (this is a base-chakra experience, so it's a good time to celebrate your body fluids).  The coconut oil relaxes and softens the tissues around the lining of your rectum.  (Apply carefully.  Take your time.  Use lots of the coconut oil when penetrating yourself, even with a finger, and go slow if this is your first time.  See next tip:  MORE LUBE, for lots of additional lube options.)

*MORE LUBE.   Lube is of the essence for any form of buttplay.  One of the most universal lubes is your own saliva, which works well with coconut oil (see previous tip).  Other ass-play assficionados mix up their own concoctions of fine, soothing, healing, nourishing oils.  My personal favorite mixture is COCONUT OIL-JOJOBA OIL-SHEA NUT BUTTER.  HIGH-GRADE CASTOR OIL from your health food store is also really good for your ask and--even though it feels thick and sticky--actually becomes an excellent  and deeply nourishing lubricant when friction--and the accompanying heat--are applied

*AVOID FOODS WITH SEEDS anytime when you may foresee ass-play in the next 24 hours.  This is especially important if you want to explore deeper levels of butt penetration with larger toys or body parts..  Seeds can irritate the intestinal lining.


For finger play, just playing with yourself in the shower with a wonderful, fantastic lube is generally enough.  

For anal sex or deeper play with bigger toys, you might enjoy a bit more of a clean-out.  Just keep in mind that the suggestion about psyllium husk as a dietary supplement (1st tip listed above) can make a world of difference in anal hygiene.  The important thing to remember when you're douching is that you really don't need to use a lot of water to clean out your rectum.  Personally, my experience has been that you yourself can find the right amount of water to use during anal douching.  For starters, just use maybe a half-cup (an anal-bulb douche normally holds about a half-cup of water).  This will accomplish the cleaning of your rectum.  

My sweet friend Davey Wavey, with whom I've collaborated in creating over 100 inspiring, cutting-edge gay erotic videos on Himeros TV, created this really funny--and immensely helpful--YouTube video about the best way to get a good clean out with a portable, bulb-type anal douche.  Have a good laugh, and learn just about everything you need to know about anal douching:

How to Anal Douche Properly

(an Excellent YouTube Guide)


 Anal douching leaves us feeling much more grounded and clear because it helps re-open the connection—literally—to the very root of our sustenance.  Here’s a web link where you can browse through an array of 10 of the most popular implements for cleaning out your bum:

WHAT ABOUT ENEMAS?  I don't recommend the disposable "Fleet" type enemas you buy in the store.  They don't hold much liquid and I'm not sure what's in them besides water (which is really the most suitable solvent for cleaning out your butt).  You can order a small portable anal douching bulb (above) or even a wonderful shower attachment.