Sacred Intimacy * Tantric Coaching * Erotic Magic for Men

Ecstatic Outdoors! Big Island.
Jan. 16-31, 2018

1-on-1 Ecstatic Transformational Sessions at a Private Jungle Hut with an Ocean View

1 hour from Hilo airport; 2.5 hours from Kailua-Kona. Affordable lodging available for overnights or multiple-day personal retreats. Appointments secured with a deposit using a secure online donation system.  

LAVA CLIFFS--My Front Yard!

Monkeying around at Kehena Black Sands Beach--a clothing-optional public beach

This is my front yard!  
(Enjoy this 33-second VIDEO of early morning in the place where lush jungle meets lava fields and the vast Pacific Ocean...)

The healing modality I'm offering is NOT massage-based. I'm a practitioner of ecstatic, whole-body Tantric-erotic discovery for men. 

You're being invited to get back in touch with that place of true ecstasy in your own body. We'll be using breath, movement, sound, and body-heart connection to enter into heightened states of bliss and pleasure. Many of us are naturally dulled-down by the "hum-drum" of daily life, so this is YOUR invitation to come back HOME to the place of natural delight, wonder, and bliss that you've craved for a long time. There is no longer any reason to make excuses for keeping ourselves separate from our natural state of passionate bliss. Come home! 



2 OR 3-hour sessions are 350/450

Multiple-Day Retreats Including 2 Extended Sessions per day, excursions to nearby warm tide pools and Kilauea volcano, some meals, and Guest-House Lodging just steps away from my oceanfront jungle hut start at $1495 per day.  Just ask!

You'll need to CALL ME at least 3-5 days in advance of your desired session time so that we can have the pleasure of discussing your session and getting excited about it!

Still Wondering What Might Be  in Store?  Take some time to ask yourself 10 simple, yet thought-provoking, questions to get you primed for a session and to give me the pleasure of knowing a whole lot more about you and what makes you tick!  

Answering these fun, thought-provoking questions in an email is your first step to booking an appointment with me. The questions are created to inspire you, energize you, and help both of us to find out what would delight you the most about having a session together! They also allow you to tell me more about yourself, and provide basic contact information so that we can speak by phone soon to set up your appointment in HAWAII!  If your desired appointment time is less than 4 days away, please answer the questions (they'll excite you), then CALL ME (see below).


Here's a picture of me, reaching out to YOU from the remote jungles of Hawai'i!  Come on over!  You'll need to contact me by PHONE at 828-424-6733, ideally 3-5 days or MORE before your desired session time.  I'm not online much :-)