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looking for an IN-PERSON session?
I'm offering up-close-and-personal sessions in the great outdoors near ASHEVILLE, NC, USA all summer long.
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To embrace the evolutionary path of Tantra from right where you are...
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Don't speak English?
Не говорите по-английси?
¿No hablas Ingles?

NO PROBLEM!  Не беспокойся!  ¡Todo esta bien!
I speak Russian as a 2nd language (fluently) and Spanish as a 3rd (proficiently)
Я говорю свободно по-русски
Yo hablo español mas o menos, con alegría.

Of course, we all know the language of love is what really matters, so if you speak only Arabic or Italian and are reading this via Google Translate, then just know that we can do a whole session with our whole bodies and whole hearts.  See you there!  :-)



Hey Men!  I'm offering two basic types of sessions online, in addition to a full range of services in person.

Both support growth, healing, and awakening.  Just click on either of the icons or links you see here to read more!

Guided Transformational Healing Sessions are designed to give you tools you can use every day to help restore your sense of deep inner peace, clarity, and purpose using guided imagery, reiki, and unique medicine songs brought forth through me, for you, to carry you on a journey back home...

Transformational 1-on-1 Tantra Sessions are more overtly erotically-focused, geared towards arousing you from head to toe, inside and out, while teaching you how to breathe, move, make sound, and harnessing your erotic energies to create whatever you most desire in your heart.

I also highly encourage anyone who's seeking an online session with me to attend one or more of my GROUPS!

See you soon!