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offering indoor and outdoor sessions for men in Asheville, North Carolina, USA

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Hello Men!

I'm very excited about offering sessions in my beautiful home studio of erotic expression and fun in Asheville, NC, USA, as well as adventurous half-day Tantric-erotic immersions in the stunning natural settings of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains between June and September.  

Check out easy, inexpensive non-stop flights (as low as $38 each way!) to Asheville, North Carolina, USA from New York, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and many Florida cities.

Rediscover your own source of authentic, soulful, erotic excitement and FUN 

RELEASE past traumas

Option 1:
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Erotic Hot-Oil Fun

on a table, wrestling mat, or firm bed

We’ll be engaging in the most primal form of erotic magic and manifestation using breath, movement, sound, and LOTS of body-to-body excitement for 90 full minutes!  Get ready to fully release your inhibitions and have a grand-spanking good time while gaining brand-new insights into what really matters the most to you in life.  Click here to learn more about transformational erotic hot-oil fun, or click on any of the blue links below to learn about other types of exciting man-to-man sessions I offer!

Learn how to EXPAND your consciousness using erotic ecstasy and deep intimate presence as your vehicle!

OPEN to Healing and Purpose


allow yourself to be held and nurtured in the way which works for YOU!

Surrender into FREEDOM and EXCITEMENT!

Learn how to


from the INSIDE OUT.

Experience heightened states of ecstasy for renewed health, vitality, and mental clarity.

Option 5:
Click here for Video-Interface TANTRIC COACHING & Transformational Healing
from Anywhere in the World!


what EXCITES the hell out of you!

Learn to use EXCITEMENT as a potent TOOL for personal healing

Explore the deep wisdom of your BODY by way of guided visualization, focused intention, AROUSAL, self-pleasure, conscious breath, sound, and whole-body, dick-throbbing excitement!