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Your Session Begins NOW!

Your session begins from the moment when you decide that you're ready to experience transformation, healing, and growth using Erotic EXCITEMENT as your vehicle.

Here are a few questions I've concocted to help you make the most of this potentially life-transforming experience.  

These questions will help you get even closer to your heart's true desire.  They'll also help me, the practitioner, start to tune into YOU and what matters to you!

You can cut-and-past the questions and answers in an e-mail 

to, or simply answer them by number.  

Note:  If you were hoping to have a session within the next 4 days, please call or message me

AND please enjoy answering these questions in an email as well!


10 Questions
to Activate Transformational Sexual Pleasure and Erotic FUN:

1)  What's the name you like to go by and where do you live?

2)  WHERE and WHEN did you want to have a session with me?

3)  WHAT TYPE OF SESSION and WHAT LENGTH OF SESSION would delight you the most?  (To see what types of sessions I offer, Click Here, then come back to this page!)

...and now for the really FUN part of our Q-and-A

4) What REALLY TURNS YOU on sexually? Feel free to be as explicit as you like.  This is not meant to create a "to do" list, but merely to begin to EXCITE your imagination.  The main HEALING MODALITY we'll be using in your session is EXCITEMENT, so whatever turns you on--even if it's just TALKING about it that really gets your blood pumping, your heart beating, and your balls tingling--is vital FUEL for the transformative qualities of our session together.

5)  Have you ever had what you would consider an ecstatic erotic EXPERIENCE before?  This might have been with a conscientious erotic masseur, an exquisite lover you met on a vacation or business trip, a long-term partner, an exceptionally-refined and attentive escort, or with a practitioner of what's called Sacred Intimacy or Tantra (see "Sex & Intimacy Essays" or "Videos" on the menu bar of my website for more info on Sacred Intimacy and Tantra.)  Please feel free to tell me all about it!  I enjoy hearing about your exciting experiences.  Specifically, how do you feel the experience transformed your life's existence--not least of all your sex life?

6) Have you ever attended an erotic workshop, playshop, or gathering before?  This might have been a Tantra workshop or a Body Electric workshop (you can go to "" if you want to know more about this renowned school of erotic education).  It might have been a kink or leather event.  It might have been an ecstatic orgy you once attended during San Francisco gay pride.  What I'm talking about here is any EVENT where you were able to engage in what you considered to be ECSTATIC SEXUAL OR EROTIC PLAY with a group of men.  Was it ecstatic?  If so, tell me about it.  If not, tell me what you would liked to have been different about your experience then.  Or...if you've never been to such an event, then feel free to tell me...what excites you or repels you about the idea?

7)  On a scale of 1 to 10, with "10" being "over-the fucking-top" and "1" being "absolutely terrible," how would you rank the overall level of erotic and/or sexual pleasure you are experiencing in your life over the past few months or year?

8)  If there were one thing--anything at all--which you would really like to see happen in your world, your body, or your life right now, what would that be?  I'm not just talking about sex, either.  We're talking about an invitation to consider the change and transformation which are definitely going to happen as a result of this potent session!  You have a magic wand!  Where are you going to wave it and for what purpose?  Consider your health, your home, your happiness, and the well-being of your loved ones and this world.  Ready, set, GO...

9)  Do you have any perceived limitations or blocks, which seem to be limiting you in your erotic or sexual expression?  The most common complaints I hear in my practice are from men who claim to have "ED" (erectile dysfunction), PE (premature ejaculation), or impotency (the inability to get and maintain a hard-on).  Other conditions include past traumas--conscious or unconscious--which seem to affect our ability to experience intimacy and sexual fun.  For the record...I don't consider any of these to be "dysfuctions," but rather...opportunities to grow and learn about deeper levels of intimacy, creativity, connection and fun.  In any case, if any of these conditions have been affecting you and your sex life, then please feel free to tell me about them.  (For some great insights about so-called "sexual dysfuction," you can go to "Sex & Intimacy Essays" in the menu of my website, and click on the article I wrote called "Premature Ejaculation:  Myth?")

10)  What is a good PHONE NUMBER to reach you?  I'll need to speak with you--even if only for a few minutes.  Hearing your voice helps me get ready for your session and tune into you more.  If you have specific times when it's better to call, just let me know several potential times when I may call you.  Otherwise, if you prefer, you can suggest at least 3 times when you're available to call me, and I'll let you know if I can be available at one of those times.

I look forward to enjoying all of your creative, expressive responses to these questions.  

Thank you!