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TRANSFORMATIONAL 1-on-1 Tantric-Erotic Sessions for MEN

We are long past-due
to completely embrace who we are
and to return HOME
to the place where our true Heart dwells.


Let go of your "checklist".  
It no longer matters what we DO.  What matters is that our DESIRE becomes FUEL for full-body delight and life-giving excitement.
What really turns you on?  
Even having it whispered into your ear has the capacity to activate tremendous erotic arousal and fun!  When our body is energized with excitement, we then have the capacity to create serious change and transformation in our lives, for the betterment of ourselves, each other, and this world.  

1-on-1 Tantric-Erotic Session

This session is a place to find out what happens when we combine high states of AROUSAL with conscious attention to our bodies, our hearts, and our minds.

Most guys live in their head.  This is a chance to get into your body.  

2 questions to ask yourself:

What REALLY turns you on?  
What's changing and transforming in you and your life right now?

Put these two questions together, and we've got a transformational erotic session.
That's it!  It's simple:  
Arousal, combined with intention for new growth and awakening.

Please scroll down for rates and booking info.  See you soon!  Brad. 


2-hour Transformational 1-on-1  Erotic Session $275

Extended 3-hour 1-on-1 Sacred Intimacy Session $375

(Need-based discounts available for Asheville, NC  locals & students)

Call Brad at 828-424-6733 to set up your session.
(No text, please.  Feel free to leave a VM)  
Ask yourself these 10 questions to activate transformational sexual pleasure and erotic FUN and start your session NOW!

In the dynamic field of loving, compassionate, conscious erotic connection between 2 lovers
ANYTHING is possible!

Everything we ever imagined possible has come true, and now is the time  to give THANKS.