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After 4 years of co-creative productions with the world's most exciting men and at least a thousand or more cum shots, I'm delighted to announce the...


World's largest library of innovative, inspirational, one-of-a-kind GAY SEX FILMS!  


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I'm also delighted to announce my own brand-new line of independent erotic videos.  
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Videos from my (Kinky & Magical) Tantric Sex Life  
Excite Your Imagination, One Sex Story at a Time!

"Trancing Out" on the set with Daddy Will Tantra in LA.  The resulting video we filmed, Tantra Meets BDSM, teaches men how to touch other realms of awareness during kinky sex scenes.  Look for it HERE in late May/Early June 2021.

In addition to the more than 100 videos I've collaborated in creating with Himeros TV and the world's most excitable men, I'm also pleased to announce my own independent line of videos designed to excite men from the cock, balls, and asshole up...and reactivate our hearts and minds for a better world.  

Scroll down to check out the newest videos from Brad Amberheart productions--a down-home, excitement-fueled way to bring my Tantric sex life alive in other men's bedrooms (and on their kitchen tables, in the back seat of their cars, on their wrestling mats, and when tied to a fuckin' tree...)

These videos support my life's mission, which is to create a world filled with joyous, fun lovers we can ALL enjoy!

Some videos are instructional and show men how to be better lovers...

Other videos rock the world and make waves through artistic, balls-out sexual expression...

and many are simply FUCKING HOT, designed to get men OFF and TURN THEM ON in a brand-new way!

Enjoy the fuck out of yourself!  

Use these videos to activate your life from the cock, balls, and ass up.

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Brad Amberheart Productions



with Brad Amberheart & Will Tantra

How much FUN can you have in 20 minutes, and could a lunch-time “quickie” ever possibly qualify as a true Tantric experience?  Daddy Will Tantra and I set out to prove that TANTRA is a great way to spice up your sex life, and it works if you’re willing to make a safe space with certain parameters.



I’m a Tantric sex coach, and a lot of my clients actually are surprised by just how turned-on they get by just SPEAKING about their sexual turn-ons, let alone DOING them! My lovers and I have used this game, many times, to shift our energy from feeling tired and unenthusiastic to getting so fucking excited we're just about to bust a fucking nut...You can too!



with Brad Amberheart & Will Tantra




about our First Jointly-Produced Independent Erotic Video:

One night in October, 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, my friend Will Tantra and I came together in Los Angeles...and I do mean we came JACK OFF with purpose.

We had felt the vacuum in our world which so many men feel every day…the emptiness and loneliness.  Today would be the day when we decided to change that, and to welcome YOU to join us in welcoming in a new paradigm, where EVERY man on Earth embraces and claims his full right to ENJOY unleashing his horny, pent-up balls with other enthusiastic, excited, joyous, and FUN fuckers!  Yessss!  Welcome home, you horny fucker!  Welcome home!

Here are some potent words spoken by Will after our earth-shaking cum-shot in LA:

“We just set a lot of energy in motion that’s going to really surprise and delight a LOT of fucking horny men!  And I hope we’ve inspired them to get together like this, to put their cocks together, show each other their pleasure, breathe and make sound and move together…set intentions for the life they want to live, and fucking SHOOT A LOAD with that intention in mind…”--Daddy Will Tantra

I've decided to offer the inaugural video from Brad Amberheart Productions at an enticing rate of $9.99 because I would like for men everywhere to see it and use it for their pleasure and the co-creation of fulfilling sex lives for all of us!  When you purchase it, you support the creation of more spaces for fulfilling, joyous sex-fun to happen...

AND then, there's still


I'm also excited to turn you on to over 250 other videos that I and my colleagues in the gay Tantra world have co-created in collaboration with Himeros TV.  It's a subscription-based site, so for what it used to cost to purchase ONE hot sex video at your "adult novelty store" (remember those days?), you can have continuous access to a vast library of the hottest gay sex flicks on a brand-new video each week.  Also, if you love the work I do in the world, you'll be happy to know that these are affiliate links, which means that a percentage of your monthly subscription comes back to me, Brad Amberheart, to sustain my livelihood and mission on this Earth.  

Here's all the info:

I would highly encourage EVERYONE to explore Himeros TV--even just for a month or two--and peruse its vast library of exciting, innovative, and unparalleled gay erotica.  Get hard, get excited, and get inspired!  Follow this link to Himeros and receive a very special discount of 45% off of an annual membership.

Each week, a brand-new, state-of-the-art gay erotic film is released by Himeros.  

There are a LOT of hungry men out there, and Himeros is now offering the world's most extensive library of conscious, thrilling, male-male erotica in the world!  

The express intent imbedded in these hot gay sex scenes is to inspire audiences to begin to take action to create the erotic lives we really desire.  What you're about to see on screen is designed to inspire YOU to get off your ass, start asking the Universe for what YOU really want in your sex life, and start watching your dreams come true--sexually and otherwise!

Here are a couple of free trailers to some of my favorite videos:  

Enjoy SEX MAGIC to Attract Lovers (I wrote the concept and was there watching it being filmed with Peter Pounder in Toronto) and "The Banquet"--a debaucherous tag-team fuck scene conceived by Finn Deerhart that makes me so excited every time I watch it that I have to go fuck the bed for pure joy.