Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to walk into a room--a special place created just for you--and be greeted by a warm, sexually-alive, compassionate, and fully-attentive male lover? It would be a place where you could simply walk in, leave your shoes, clothes, worries, and other baggage at the door, and just be who you are. Personally, I think we all need and deserve a place like that, and yet...where are these places?

People who create such places are called Sacred Intimates. I have devoted virtually all of my adult life--ever since my first orgasm at age 14--to learning how to create a space for the exploration, pure enjoyment, and healing power of sexual pleasure. I do this for myself and all of the men with whom I make love. I love men, and I love making love with them. All of the shame, guilt, suffering and pain of the world seem to melt away when we are making love. Surely this must be one of God's greatest gifts to people living on this earth right now--to make love, unabashedly, with passion and delight...and with laughter and with tears.

A lot of people are missing out, I'm afraid. We've been told that good sex means getting hard, staying hard, and getting the deed done. Somehow, we have allowed ourselves to believe such lies. We have to re-claim our passion, our sustenance, and our healing. Some people might even laugh at what I am saying, as if it were some kind of joke...but believe me, this is far from being any joke. This is my life.

And so I invite you to come and join me in my temple, our garden, where we can engage our pure body-bliss again.

How are we going to do it? Simple. You come in. You leave your baggage and worries at the door. I close the door. I help you put down some of your layers--which you may have needed in order to keep you safe in the world, but which you no longer need here, now. You leave your offering on the altar as an expression of gratitude and willingness to receive your own blessings. We are safe...and now, I can guide you in how to use your breath, your body and your vocal expression to bring you back home again, to your body, your home. These gifts of breath, body, and voice are ones which you will take with you when you leave my presence. No one can give them to you or take them away...only you.

"But are you going to ____ me?" he says.
I don't know. I don't know what will happen. All I can guarantee is that if you want to experience joyful, ecstatic communion with another human being and are open to that happening in any of a number of ways, then we're in for a sweet ride!

What I'll need from you is for you to call me or send a note at least 3 to 5 days in advance--even more if you can. Life in a temple can be busy, so I'll need to set aside time for you and give us both time to get ready for this powerful and meaningful time. If possible, I'll need to speak with you by phone. If you e-mail, please take time to tell me what it is that draws you to me at this time. What could I do for you? Are you aware of how some time with me could bring you closer to your heart, your body, your soul? Are you ready to clear your mind and hear your body and heart again?

No one is turned away for lack of funds here. Please consider my quoted rates as suggested donations for keeping a unique and special temple space alive. I've requested amounts which I consider fair and necessary for me to keep holding this space for you, all day, every day. The work I do requires a lot of work outside of the time that you are here.

Generally, I do not do sessions for less than 2 hours. Three hours can sometimes be even better, although 2 is definitely something good to work with!

"Soft, precious, beautiful one...we hold you, so gently...while you let your body sing and laugh and cry...again! "--Los Viejos

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an inspiring answer to the question, "What is a Sacred Intimate?"

by Rev. Brad Amberheart