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Tantra  is one of the few surviving spiritual traditions which fully honors the BODY as a pathway to Spirit.  Most of the world's religions have taught us to ignore our body, condemn our body...or even hate it!  For practitioners of Tantra, this body is our temple, our vehicle to heaven.  

Some have said that many angels are lining up, waiting for a chance to come and live in a human body.  There are experiences to be had here on earth which some say even the angels pray to have...and WE HAVE IT.  Here we are, ALIVE, living on earth.  We have been granted the exclusive privilege of LIVING in this wonderful vessel of pleasure and joy, but sadly, so many of us have never fully claimed our right....

Isn't it time?


I'm happy to announce my collaboration with Davey Wavey and to create what might very well be the world's largest library of evolutionary gay male erotic videos!  These videos are consciously responding to the longing so many of us have...for gay erotica which comes alive with authentic, meaningful, and exciting action.  I personally feel that the $30 per month subscription is an extraordinary deal, considering you can access a library of more than 60 videos, with brand-spanking-new videos being added each week, as well as educational podcasts and interviews of sex coaches (like me!)  
Here's the link to the world's largest library of exciting, magical, creative, and inspiring gay erotica, to which I was fortunate enough to contribute as a writer, sex coach, & (occasionally) model:

"Oh!  You play the guitar, too?"

I've had this website for more than 7 years and have watched the site--and myself--go through many evolutions.  One thing I've become aware of recently is that I would like for those viewing this site to know me better--to see ALL of me.  It's the "new naked," so to speak.  So I've created an entire section of my website devoted to media--including articles, interviews--and yes, personal story-telling and songs!  Enjoy this 5-minute story/song about what it feels like to be an ancient person living in the 21st century...and click HERE to see more.  Love to you!  Brad.